Seniors & Portraits

Each year I choose to be on your side of the camera at least once with my family and once on my own. Being alone, as the subject in a picture, can feel overwhelming, but I have learned that as we spend time at your session, when you feel like you look good, you do. My goal is to capture your unique features and personality. Finding the happy medium between personable and professional and still looking like you is key during a graduation or professional head shot session. We work together to select locations and a wardrobe that can draws viewers to you.

Remember when you first became “us” rather than you and me? Taking the time to reconnect and be quiet together is key in any relationship, whether you’ve been together a year or forty. Sometimes we have an anniversary shoot or an engagement session, other times I am able to sneak mom and dad away in the middle of a family session. No matter how we do it, a couple’s session can often sound intimidating, but we work together to find playful ways to create intimate moments where you can feel like “us” again.