Do you remember the day your baby was born? The way your partner supported you and held your hand during labor. The moment the doctor said, “It’s a girl!” and you were so surprised that you couldn’t contain the tears. How impressed you were with your wife, her endurance, her spirit, and practically her sheer heroism of delivering a new little person into the world? The first time you held your child in your arms and your life truly changed. When you brought your baby home from the hospital and realized that this one is up to you!

The fear, the challenge, the excitement.

Have you ever been braiding your daughter’s hair or putting sunscreen on her little face and though how amazing it is just to hold her and watch her grow up? When you’re playing in your backyard or putting up your tent at a campsite, have you even stopped to just watch your children play with simple things like sticks and rocks? What family traditions do you have – the Great MN Get Together? Christmas Caroling? An Eater Egg hunt at Grandma and Grandpa’s house? These are the moments when we often don’t take our cameras and memories are made without being captured.

I was lucky enough to have all four of my grandparents around for many years of my life, but now three of them have passed away. We may think that we’ll always remember the details, but I have learned that you never regret having pictures and more often than not, you’ll wish you had them. Two weeks before my grandpa died, many of us attended a family wedding. I had the pleasure of photographing it. We all knew that this was one of the last times we’d be together and the pictures that were taken that weekend are priceless to Grandma and to the rest of our family.

All of these moments are what lifestyle photography is all about. It’s about the extraordinary and the mundane. It’s just about life.