About Ali

Growing up traveling and antiquing with my family, I began to love art and being creative. Spending days at the museum, talking about artists and their work are some of my favorite memories. The colors, textures, and use oflight in the masterpieces evoked emotions and began great conversations — not just about art but about life and relationships. Learning about the lives of the artists, who they met and where they went drew me in. We traveled to France and walked where Van Gogh walked, I began taking pictures with my mom’s camera at a young age to document our family vacations. Art history surely played a role in my life and development as an artist. Watching how artists were inspired, mimicked each other and learned, I discovered that, for me, making art was less about technical skill and more about emotions and connections. I try to remember not to miss the best pictures that are be happening all around us. Anticipating moments is a skill that I strive to have.

At 18 years old, after I was asked to document the candid moment at a friend’s wedding, passion took over and Alison Lea Photography became a reality.  I began my career as an Art teacher, thinking I’d keep my photography as my “summer job” but then getting so busy with it that my husband (married in 2005) and I had to decide our priorities. I quit teaching in the public school system at the end of 2006 and though I loved my position as a teacher, I haven’t looked back.



We continue to be blessed. Hundreds of weddings and portrait sessions later, my husband and I have two daughters and a boy on the way – due April 2014. We have been learning to simplify life and are so thankful to have work we love.

My objectives are to invest in my relationships with clients so they are comfortable being themselves, to document real life in beautiful moments and relationships, and to deliver images that you will treasure for years to come.

My style is fresh, natural and timeless. You inspire me. Your love for your friends and family, your style and personality…it’s beautiful and unique. Connecting with you and reminding you are worthy and precious is what produces stunning images that you will love. Photography is not just a job, it’s a record of life.